I wish the Romney team would be more consistent in its messaging. One of the reasons Team Obama has been so successful in getting the word out is because the campaign selects a theme, whether it is true or not, and pounds the message into people’s heads until the people believe that the message is true.

Team Obama’s negative strategy seems to be working, because new public opinion polls show that the Obama campaign’s consistent, negative messaging seems to have taken a toll on the public’s perception of Romney.

A new Rasmussen Poll released today shows that despite Romney’s consistent message on the economy, President Obama’s message on Bain Capital has Americans split down the middle at 41 percent each on whether Romney’s time at Bain is seen as a negative or positive.

Team Romney, on the other hand, will frequently craft a brief response. Although sometimes brevity is a good thing, the campaign often abandons its message too quickly before moving on to something else. Yes, we all know Romney is consistent about the economy, but what else is he consistent on? The public is not able to hear the message and it appears that Team Romney never got a chance to respond to Team Obama’s relentless attacks. Last week, Romney referred to President Obama as the “outsourcer in chief” in a speech.

This week, he should follow up with multiple examples of why that is true. For example, Obama has proclaimed that General Electric is a great American company; he turns to its CEO as one of his chief economic advisers. This is a company that declared that it paid no income taxes in 2010 and has more employees outside the United States than within. It makes billions of dollars overseas and brings none of that money back to our land to avoid taxes. The president stated that many U.S. companies could learn a lot from GE’s example. What would he like for them to learn? These kinds of examples are not conjecture, but are factual, and provide Romney with more than enough ammunition to demonstrate the extraordinary hypocrisy of Team Obama.