Let Ron Paul address the Republican convention in prime time

If Ron Paul does address the Republican Convention in prime time, he will say some things I agree with, and many things I strongly disagree with. But Ron Paul has earned the right to address the Republican National Convention in prime time. I give him great credit for suggesting Mitt Romney release more tax returns at the very moment his convention role is under discussion. Paul is right about the Romney taxes, but that is not the point, which is:

Ron Paul has many faithful and devoted supporters and donors. He has had a genuine influence on our national discourse. He has made a real contribution to our debates. To my consternation, candidly, he will be loyal to Republicans in November. He has important things to say that should be discussed, debated and respected whether we agree with him or not.

By any standard of national politics, Ron Paul has earned the right to address the Republican convention with the visibility appropriate to someone of his stature, who has made the contribution to our debates that he has made.

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