I have supported the attacks by the Obama campaign regarding Romney's awful record on jobs and outsourcing, and his still-secret tax returns. However, we have reached the point where the president and his campaign should move beyond negativity and tell the nation why America would be better off if the president is reelected. Negativity alone is not enough. The president needs a narrative about why he should be granted a second term, beyond the argument that his opponent is bad. Mitt Romney also needs a narrative about why he should be elected president.

At this moment, whoever wins the election will inherit a mess without a mandate. This is equally true of Obama and Romney.

An argument can be made that the Obama attacks have worked. However, to make this argument, one must believe that without these ads, Obama would be 5 to 7 points behind. This is not a good place for an incumbent running for reelection. The lack of trust in Mitt Romney is not a good place for a challenger to an incumbent.

America is now faced with two choices who are not exciting the voters. Neither is presenting voters with an appealing vision of why he should be elected. America is on track, no matter who wins, for four more years of the kind of politics almost all Americans deplore.

I have some definite ideas, one in particular, about what I believe the president can do. Stay tuned for an upcoming column, possibly this Thursday.

Americans deserve better than what we are getting from either candidate. It is time for supporters of both candidates, myself included, to propose a better way. America needs leadership, not oceans of mud hurled in both directions by two candidates who are both out of touch with the mood of the voters and the needs of the nation.