On Tuesday, Mitt Romney gave one of the most partisan and strident national-security speeches in recent memory. He was vehement attacking leaks of classified information. Did this mean Romney was attacking Dick Cheney for his role in the famous CIA leak case involving Iraqi WMD and Joe WilsonAddison (Joe) Graves WilsonTrump's effort to secure the border is making America safe again Legal immigrants can commend Trump on his efforts to end illegal immigration Lawmakers eye crackdown on China’s Confucius Institutes MORE? I would also ask: When Romney is in Poland, will he denounce the Solidarity Trade Union, criticize Lech Walesa and attack collective bargaining?

Listening to Romney attack American labor, I always wondered whether he agreed with Soviet communists who attacked Solidarity when the great union was fighting for freedom and defending collective bargaining, as it did in Wisconsin and Warsaw.

Does Mitt Romney only want to investigate security leaks when he charges they come from Democrats, and never when he fears they come from conservatives and Republicans?

And does Romney only support unions and collective bargaining when they are European, but never when they are American?

Romney changes his positions so fast, it’s hard to keep track of these things. Didn't Romney once say that if we had the chance to kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, we should not? All I can say is, good thing Obama was president when bin Laden was found in Pakistan. We sure know where President Obama stood on this matter.