For Democrats this is too good to be true. In response to the shameful pro-Obama ad by Priorities USA, which I have harshly criticized, the Romney campaign says that the woman Priorities suggests is deceased because of Romney and Bain would still be alive under RomneyCare. And the right is now shaken and angry that the Romney campaign supports RomneyCare! Would the right prefer that the woman be deceased without RomneyCare rather than alive with RomneyCare, because of their hatred for ObamaCare, which was modeled after RomneyCare?

Which is worse? The sickness of some on the right, or the gutlessness of Romney, who fawns over them? Here's my view. I wish the woman were alive today. I gather some on the right disagree.

Here my question for the day. Let’s take a Pundits Blog poll:

With the right in revolt against Mitt Romney's endorsement of RomneyCare, when the rooster crows tomorrow morning, will Mitt Romney still be supporting RomneyCare, will he be opposing RomneyCare, or, as is the case with Romney's forgetting his tax rates for recent years, will he ask his staff to remind him what RomneyCare was, and then refuse to release his position about RomneyCare?