Amos Yadlin, former Israeli military intelligence chief, now the head of its Institute for National Security Studies, suggested in The Washington Post that President Obama should meet with Israeli leaders to assess how the United States should support its ally regarding the Iranian nuclear threat. The wisdom of Yadlin’s suggestion aside, the idea of an Obama Middle East visit soon is a good one.

The president does not have as enthusiastic support of American Jews as other Democratic presidents have had historically. An election is on the horizon. Next week is the Republican National Convention, when candidates generally get a bump in the polls resulting from their managed national media coverage. There are signs in Israel that suggest preparations for war, a cataclysmic notion.

If President Obama went to the Middle East next week, he’d steal the headlines, while doing wise commander-in-chief work in an international trouble spot. He might meet with Syrian rebels, Jordanian allies and Israeli leaders, offering help to allies and urging restraint in the highly charged current state.

Win, win. Go now.