TAMPA, Fla. — The Republican National Convention will be delayed by one day as a result of Tropical Storm Isaac.

This is a wise decision for the safety of all of those involved, and it will even have some fortunate effects. It will keep the convention in the news cycle for an extra day, which, though it might not sound like much, is important.

At this stage in a presidential contest—as Hurricane Barack recently described it, “the fourth quarter”— every play counts. The Republicans, while not as comfortable as they would like to be, can at least be content with how the first three quarters have gone. As it stands, the game is tied, which, considering the circumstances (a little-known governor against the first black president), is pretty good.

According to Karl Rove, the average Republican bounce out of a convention is 6 percentage points; the average bounce for a Democrat is 5. Romney is going to need a bigger net bounce than that, but then again, he literally hasn’t even begun to fight — he hasn’t yet been nominated.

It appears as though Tuesday night is the official nomination night for Gov. Romney. That is when the dreaded advertising barrage will begin. For all those who have been complaining about money in politics in this cycle: You haven’t seen anything yet. Romney has far more cash on hand than President Obama, the very man who had the audacity of hope to set a goal of raising a billion dollars, and he is going to unload every dime of it in the next 60 days.

Just as the convention is getting ready, so is the nation.