Somehow it’s fitting that Hurricane Isaac ruined the first day of the Republican convention. After all, this is not the first time Romney’s been forced to play second fiddle to a more exciting character.

In the primaries, remember, Romney was consistently outshone by Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.

Romney eventually became the Republican nominee only because he was the last man standing, and the most boring, with the most money. So he heads into Tampa with little to offer.

He has zero foreign-policy experience. And his one attempt to show some diplomatic skills ended in disaster. He also has zero in the way of national-security credentials. Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaTrump adds to legal team after attacks on Mueller Stock market is in an election year: Will your vote impact your money? Trump will perpetuate bailouts by signing bank reform bill MORE owns that field, with the deaths of Osama bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi and countless al Qaeda leaders on his watch.

Romney’s business experience consists of nothing but enriching himself while impoverishing others. He has nothing to add or offer on the environment or education. And he’s repudiated all the good things he once did on healthcare.

So Mitt Romney walks into Tampa a secondhand, empty suit. No wonder Isaac is the bigger story.