With the convention officially under way, the atmosphere is electric, and not just from Tropical Storm Isaac. Team Romney just put up the National Debt Clock, which shows both the total national debt (over $15 trillion and rising $3 million per minute) and the amount of debt accrued just since the start of the convention. This is a wise tactical move, since several polls are now showing that the top concern for most Americans is debt. No, it’s not dogs on roofs, it’s not likability, it’s not contraception.

Fiscal conservatism is an idea whose time has come. At least that’s what the polls seem to say. It is a testament to American greatness that there is a growing contingent out there that wants less from the government, less free stuff. Who could imagine it even a few years ago, a politician promising not to bribe you?

It will be interesting to see how much the GOP can unify in these next few days. There is, reportedly, some controversy, with Ron Paul’s supporters refusing to back Romney, but this might just be the manifestation of a momentary passion. Time will tell.