While the media take potshots at American icon Clint Eastwood for his non-teleprompter speech last night at the GOP convention and talking to an empty chair representing President Obama, they seem to be missing the point. Or more likely, they "get it" but are sweeping it under the rug.
GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney recently visited U.S. ally Israel, while President Obama refuses to do so until/unless he is reelected. Empty chair.
President Obama has no plans to visit New Orleans post-Isaac, but Mitt Romney is on his way there. Obama continues to fundraise and campaign instead. Empty chair.
President Obama can't take the time between his 100-plus rounds of golf to personally sign letters to families of fallen soldiers (let alone call or visit them) but makes a personal call to Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student whining that the federal government needs to force her Catholic college to pay for her birth control pills because she's too poor (and by the way — is now engaged, so the "wedding watch" is on to see if she has a big, expensive wedding.) Empty chair.
President Obama either a) has terribly incompetent political advisers, b) has OK advisers but won't listen to them, c) is so confident of the media's support and protection that he will do what he damn well pleases, no matter how insensitive.
The empty-chair analogy by Clint Eastwood might be far more accurate and impactful than the Obama campaign and its cheerleaders in the media care to accept.