It turns out that Sarah Palin could beat Paul Ryan in a marathon race, according to some news reports. Wow, would I like a ticket to that one! Is there anybody who believes that Paul Ryan forgot his best marathon time? Did he forget that the GM plant he referred to was closed during the Bush years, not the Obama years? Why do virtually all fact-checkers across the board think that Paul Ryan has a big problem getting his facts straight?

I know, Ryan has some slick spin to try to escape a big problem, but the spin is spin, and his problem with facts is big. Mitt Romney also has a pretty problem with Pinocchio. I did criticize one of the Obama ads, and Team Obama is not immune, but Ryan and Romney are outside the boundaries of traditional fibbing from politicians.

I predict the debates will be hugely important, and until the debates all bets are off, in my opinion. Ryan had better solve his problem with facts before he debates Joe Biden (whose problem is telling too many truths).

Most important for today, I did read that Sarah Palin has a faster marathon time than Paul Ryan. Perhaps Ryan and Palin can have a charity race, to prove who is the fastest, with the money donated to the poor children whose budgets they would both cut heartlessly.