Here’s why — politics aside — Mitt Romney’s remarks about current goings-on in Egypt and Libya were reckless and irresponsible.

There is no way to preclude some sick, violent person from going into a school or workplace or government office with a gun and a psycho grudge and wreaking havoc. We grieve for the victims, refuse to control deadly firearms, and look back wondering what we might have done. But looking back never prepares us for the next Oklahoma City or Virginia Tech or Benghazi, Libya.

So when in two places in the volatile Middle East where our relations are good (for the Middle East), a good foreign service officer is killed by a rabid gang of terrorists, all we can do is tighten security, grieve for a personal loss, find and kill his killers. That’s what our secretary of State and president said.

Candidate Romney, using bad judgment and dated facts, embarrassed himself and his party and his country with his ignorant remarks. If the Republicans could, they’d be smart to replace him. His conduct with respect to complex and profoundly important matters will push voters to reject him.