Keep in mind that in the midst of all this violence and uncertainty in the Middle East, a virulently anti-American fundamentalist Islamist regime in Tehran is brazenly marching toward a nuclear weapons capability.
President Obama has said that all options are on the table to prevent this eventuality, but does anyone really believe that? The Iranians certainly don’t — otherwise they would have scaled back their efforts rather than defiantly ramping them up. America is watching and waiting while subterranean centrifuges in Iran are spinning. 

For Israel, America’s closest ally in the region, the dangers to its security are grave and the future is uncertain. But the haunting prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran and the seething violence in so many neighboring countries is far bigger than Israel’s problem alone and is truly a global threat.  
Before things get even worse, America must move past our recent foreign policy blunders and demonstrate the true global leadership we have been sorely lacking under President Obama.  
The Middle East is aflame and further mixed signals by the United States will only add fuel to the fires.