Harry Reid wants a president for all people; Antoinette Republicans claim Reid victimizes Romney!

Gotta love these Republicans. They are the party of those millionaires and billionaires who claim to be America's wealthiest victims while their nominee demeans half the nation, and when Harry Reid says America needs a president for ALL of the people, Republicans claim Give-’em-Hell Harry is breaking the Senate rules! After the outburst against Reid, let me add to my latest column about Mitt Romney's Antoinette problem that the Antoinette wing of Senate and House Republicans should feel free to disagree with Reid and claim America does not need a president for all of the people.

Something is happening in this campaign. Could Mitt Romney's pandering to the far right be the death knell for the Tea Party House Republicans and the salvation of Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, as Romney's rantings to wealthy donors reveal the ugly side of who these Republicans really are?

Elizabeth Warren, the Theodore Roosevelt of our times, has gained in Massachusetts while her shell-shocked opponent, Scott Brown, appears to have taken three conflicting positions this week about whether he still supports Romney.

Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin, an outstanding voice for a great Wisconsin tradition, has surged in her campaign for the Senate.

My favorite today is Tim Kaine, gaining steam for the Senate seat in Virginia, as he runs against George Allen, defeated before because of his own "macaca moment,” as Mitt Romney's latest video has created the Romney macaca moment of September 2012.

I feel Peggy Noonan's pain. Romney is no Reagan. In fact Romney is the un-Reagan, the non-Reagan, and when Romney journeys into his darker diatribes of derision and pessimism and Hope America Fails partisanship, Romney becomes the anti-Reagan.

Mitt Romney makes Rick Perry look like a statesman!

Romney is nationalizing the truth about the tea. You see, the Tea Party was always the modern incarnation of the mercantilists who surrounded King George III. Their pseudo-populism is the great fraud of the new century. And now, as Mitt speaks truth on tape about what he really believes, this becomes clear to the nation:

When Romney and Republicans ridicule, deride, demean and insult "them,” they are really ridiculing, deriding, demeaning and insulting "us.”

Harry Reid says we need a president for ALL of the people.

The Antoinette Republicans disagree.

Let the voters decide.

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