Watching Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanPelosi: 'Thug' Putin not welcome in Congress Interior fast tracks study of drilling's Arctic impact: report Dems unveil slate of measures to ratchet up pressure on Russia MORE whine about the injustices of the supposedly evil liberal media, while other conservative and partisan Republicans whine about the supposedly evil rigged liberal polls, I thought of Ayn Rand. Didn't Mitt Romney recently castigate much of the nation for failing to take personal responsibility? Give Ron Paul credit for this: Agree with him or not, at least he does some justice to the philosophy of Rand and the concept of taking responsibility. As for Paul Ryan, if Ayn Rand ever heard Ryan's whining about the media, she would give him a serious spanking and demand a refund of her campaign donation.

Ron Paul had much more valid reason to complain about Republicans treating him disrespectfully, but whining is not his style. Paul Ryan, the faux Rand, along with many other faux Rands on the right, cannot take responsibility for the fact that Mitt Romney's problems come from Mitt Romney's bad campaign, and mostly from Mitt Romney speaking his own ideas, in his own words, in his own voice, to his own donors, at his own fundraiser.

I will have more to say on these topics soon. For now let’s give Ron Paul an ovation for his honesty and greater consistency than most politicians. Regarding Paul Ryan, perhaps he should read Atlas Shrugged before his next bout of whining.