According to all prognosticators, there is a great deal at stake with respect to tonight's first presidential debate. Many students of history and politics are having difficulty understanding why President Obama is still leading in the polls with persistent high unemployment, anemic GDP growth, a foreign policy that is in flames, a $16 trillion national debt and general despair about the future run rampant in this country. If Romney is capable of highlighting these obvious nightmares and is able to resist pressure from the media and Obama to talk about irrelevant and diversionary issues, he should be able to make substantial progress.
Although this sounds like a simple analysis, our president is quite clever and will use all of his trickery to remove the spotlight from his failures. He will try to emphasize any historical shortfalls of any Republican and associate all those problems with candidate Romney.

The postmortem analysis of this debate should also be fascinating. No matter how well Romney does, the left-wing media will try and frame it as an Obama victory. It will be interesting to see if the American people are wise enough to decipher for themselves who they think is the real winner of the debates. It is amazing how one can listen to a debate or speech, come to their own conclusion about it, and change their opinion on it within minutes after listening to the media and other pundits’ assessments. If people do not think for themselves, they will be nothing more than the purveyors of these pundits’ thoughts and ideas. The future of our nation depends on the wisdom of a populace that up until now has been easily manipulated. We can only hope and pray that wisdom will prevail among "we the people.”