What everyone is going to talk about is how much more negative the president was in this debate than in the last. Whereas last time he seemed bored, or like he simply didn’t want to be there, this time he seemed barely able to restrain his anger at Mitt Romney.

​In other words, what happened was exactly what every pundit said would and ought to happen. There were the same usual talking points, the same catchphrases — “trickle-down government” and “top-down economics,” etc. — and, in comparison at least to the vice presidential debate, the same tactics.

Romney made too many arguments based purely on assertion: Simply saying that he knows how to get the economy going again is not good enough. He needs to explain why we should believe that. He repeated himself — and a little of that is good — just too many times.

Those undecided few have three weeks to decide the fortune of the country and, thereby, the fortune of the world.