It is interesting that the Obama campaign has decided that there is a war on women, initiated by Romney and the GOP. Early on, this certainly appeared to have traction, with President Obama having a very significant double-digit lead among female voters. However, as women have gotten to know Mitt Romney, they have been able to discern that he's not a fire-breathing dragon that eats babies, as this administration would have you to believe.

The polls now show a virtual dead heat between Obama and Romney among female voters. If one dissects the issue a little more, it's easy to see that what the Obama campaign is doing is trying to paint Romney and Republicans as enemies of any voter demographic that might be able to deliver significant votes.

Thus we have a war on the 99 percent, a war on the Hispanics, a war on the elderly, a war on labor groups, a war on teachers, a war on government workers, and now I think you're beginning to get the message from this administration.

Unfortunately for President Obama, women have demonstrated that they are not as simplistic as he thinks they are. As time goes on many other groups will be able to see through the political chicanery and treat him accordingly. The timing is not right for a political figure who is counting on a majority of ignorant voters and a simplistic populace to return Obama to office for another four years.