How many of you have awakened the morning following both presidential debates and could actually articulate how President Obama would create jobs, turn around the economy and stop the dramatic increase in healthcare premiums, a promise in which he declared that premiums would never increase under ObamaCare? Instead, all you hear is Obama blaming Romney and attacking his policies that create jobs and lower tax rates.
If President Obama were a contestant on “The Apprentice,” he would probably be sitting in a room with the Republican Congress trying to explain to Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpDems win from coast to coast Falwell after Gillespie loss: 'DC should annex' Northern Virginia Dems see gains in Virginia's House of Delegates MORE why he should stay in the game as chief executive of this country. However, we as voters are lucky to be put in the position of Donald Trump in the boardroom of America. We are the ones who decide whether Obama should be given a second chance, or whether he should be fired.

Perhaps that is the wrong show. Older Americans may remember the show “Queen for a Day.” Each contestant would tell the audience her story of misery and misfortune. At the end of these tales of woe, the audience would vote to give the prize to the contestant who had the most miserable life.

Obama’s record of the past four years is certainly a tale of woe. The tale includes unacceptably high unemployment; trillion-dollar deficits; a 50 percent increase in the national debt to $16 trillion; anemic economic recovery with growth of less than 2 percent; a 5 percent reduction in median family income; a fiscal cliff about to send America into a double-dip recession; a cover-up of the murder of America’s Libyan ambassador; a doubling of the price of gasoline; and increased medical insurance premiums, which ObamaCare was supposed to reduce but which Congress had to pass before they could read it. Yes, Obama would even beat former President Carter in the contest to become “Queen for a Day.”