You all know how much I crave bipartisanship. As Sean Spicer, communications director at the Republican National Committee, is preparing to pay for his election wager by shaving his head — something Democratic National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse agreed to do for the other in the event of their party's defeat — Woodhouse has decided to jump in and shave his own victorious head in solidarity.

This is all happening Sunday on live television; you can catch the dual-shave on “This Week" on ABC News. Why, you ask? What could possibly have gotten into these still-hairy and loyal friends’ heads? A good deed. They hope their bald heads will bring attention to the a great cause, childhood cancer. They are asking that we all send something to the St. Baldricks Foundation. Together they are aiming to raise thousands for the cause.

Woodhouse and Spicer are friends for real, and this is not their first good cause. Last year at this time they organized an event called "Flacks for flacks who wear flak jackets" to collect gifts and donations for the roughly 50 military public affairs officers serving in Kabul who put their lives on the line each day in support of the ISAF public affairs mission. Now, with the buzz they will create on Sunday, Spicer and Woodhouse are making another tremendous effort by two people knee-deep in the profession of the bitter politics of 2012, who share not only a friendship but a desire to bring people together as our political system continues to divide us.

Join me in congratulating Spicer and Woodhouse for taking a haircut for a terrific cause and for leading by example.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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