Don't miss the recent story in The Hill in which Sen. John McCainJohn McCainArmed Services chairman unveils .1B Asia-Pacific security bill Overnight Defense: Trump scolds NATO allies over spending | Flurry of leaks worries allies | Senators rip B Army 'debacle' | Lawmakers demand hearing on Saudi arms deal The case for protecting America's intelligence agency whistleblowers MORE (R-Ariz.) apologized to Senate Democrats for actions by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) that obstructed Senate consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act. McCain said (correctly) that Paul's action give credence to Democrats who argue for filibuster reform. On another matter, a former aide to Ron Paul criticized Rand Paul over his stand on Iran sanctions. Barely a day goes by without Rand PaulRand PaulSenate gears up for fight on Trump's 0B Saudi Arabia arms sale Paul: 0B Saudi arms deal ‘a travesty’ Senate feels pressure for summer healthcare vote MORE doing something that makes him look more like a radio talk show host than a United States senator. Let’s cut to the chase. Congressman Paul devoted a generation of hard work and deep thought to achieve a well-deserved reputation while Sen. Paul is the kind of shoot-from-the-hip politician who should not even think of running for president.

Republicans have enough problems without having presidential candidates such as Rand Paul who are clearly not ready for prime time, who are show horses intent on winning publicity and raising campaign money from extremist donors, and who are not credible voices for Republicans, libertarians or conservatives.

The Ron Paul show soon goes on the road to colleges making his case for younger voters. Good. Ron Paul has earned his stature. This is a debate worth having. Ron Paul has serious ideas worth being respectfully considered. On the other hand:

The Rand Paul show is a very bad act that is already becoming tired and boring. He should not be running for president, and if his bad act continues he will find voters just turning off his show and tuning out his voice.