Hillary Clinton's IRS abuse chutzpah
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After skating through the FBI investigation and successfully stonewalling the Benghazi committee, Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonShocking summit with Putin caps off Trump’s turbulent Europe trip GOP lambasts Trump over performance in Helsinki Trump stuns the world at Putin summit MORE is now worried that Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpShocking summit with Putin caps off Trump’s turbulent Europe trip GOP lambasts Trump over performance in Helsinki Trump stuns the world at Putin summit MORE will use the IRS against his political enemies.

Maybe someone needs to sideline her under a new concussion protocol for political candidates, or perhaps she has joined Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the "mind is shot" (as Trump tweeted about Ginsburg) category for national leaders. Either way, what the heck.

One might give Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, a small amount of credence if she had joined Republicans in their efforts to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for his part in the cover-up of Lois Lerner's campaign against conservative groups from her IRS perch, but she didn't.

Is it possible that Clinton is so unaware of what is going on that she didn't know that the Obama IRS has been weaponized against Tea Party groups?

If so, then it might support FBI Director James Comey saying Clinton might not have been "sophisticated enough" to understand the classified markings on emails. Apparently, Clinton was too busy working on the Trans-Pacific Partnership; stabilizing Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran; and selling uranium mineral rights to the Russians to notice her boss's abuse of power.

Or more tragically, the explanation for Clinton and her staff's blind ignorance to President Obama's abuse of not only the IRS, but also the Departments of Labor, Homeland Security and Justice in targeting conservative group leaders like Catherine Engelbrecht of Texas might be because Clinton only gets her news from Obama cheerleader outlets like MSNBC — which scoffed at the IRS abuse story, actively participating in the cover-up through its editorial decisions.

No matter the explanation, the truth is that the Democrats in Congress won't accept a GOP president using the federal government to abuse the left and the Republicans will join them. So, Hillary Clinton fans, fear not. A Trump presidency will be constrained by the very Congress that fecklessly tried to confront Obama, because Democrats will suddenly rediscover moral outrage should their supporters end up on the wrong end of an audit.

And that is the reality of Washington: Republican presidents and politicians are held to a different standard than their Democratic counterparts, because when Democrats abuse their office using their pen and phone, it is met with either a cheer and the media buries complaints.

Hillary Clinton's recognition that what is good for the goose may be good for the gander may have some positive impact if the left finally wakes up to the reality of Obama's abuse, but somehow I think the blinders will remain firmly in place.

Manning is the president of Americans for Limited Government.