Chris Christie mauls Rand Paul; Ted Cruz on deck

What does this tell us about the 2016 campaign? First, it tells us that Rand PaulRand PaulThird-party push gaining steam Activists target Google employees over GOP convention plans McConnell pledges to support Trump MORE talks too much and has trouble taking a punch. He should not have picked a fight with Christie.

Presidential politics is not a hobby or a photo op. Christie crushed Paul in short order. If Paul didn't "cry uncle," the ref would have stopped the fight. Second, it tells us that Christie can be a mean, tough hombre who throws a nasty punch.

He is not a man to be trifled with. But this tells us some other things about Christie that might not augur well for a presidential campaign, especially against Hillary. When Paul tried to surrender and Christie said no, he would not have a beer with him because he was too busy, Christie overreached. 

No doubt his advisers will prevail on him, and he will have that beer, and all will be well between them, until their next slugfest, probably days away.

The more profound thing we learned is that Christie is poised to stake his claim to the presidency on the ground of neocon national security policies, which Christie now champions.

Is America ready for a warrior looking for a war? Is America ready for a president who promises to increase surveillance? Is America ready for a warrior with neocon views who likes to throw a punch and lacks grace in victory?

I cannot wait for the coming boxing match between Christie and the ubiquitous Sen. Ted CruzTed CruzRyan fans GOP civil war over Donald Trump Rick Perry will support Trump Missouri Republican: Trump has not earned my vote MORE (R-Texas). Cruz keeps attacking every Republican except himself. He seems to be campaigning to be a talk show host more than a president. And in the Senate Republican cloakroom Cruz is less popular than body odor.

Let's sell tickets to the Christie-Cruz campaign carnage that is now inevitable. Can Cruz go two rounds with Christie? And if the GOP has the bad sense to nominate Paul or Cruz, will the great maverick of the Senate, the war hero gentleman from Arizona, cast his lot with a candidate named Clinton?

As Butch would have said to Sundance: Where do Republicans find these guys? 

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