As I have said so many times you are already bored by it, Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainLawmakers worry about rise of fake video technology Democrats put Dreamers and their party in danger by playing hardball Trump set a good defense budget, but here is how to make it better MORE (R-Ariz.) is one lucky dog.

Surviving four airplane crashes, one could argue, might be a sign that luck may soon run out. But as he continues his unlikely quest for the White House, the candidate left for dead a year ago and hampered anew with campaign troubles managed to catch a break overseas. McCain, lucky coins in his pockets to be sure, happened to be in Colombia when hostages captured by the FARC were rescued by the government.

Turns out McCain was given the heads-up the night before by Colombia's president — how presidential. Said The New York Times today: “Although the timing of the rescue was a coincidence and Mr. McCain’s trip to Colombia had nothing to do with it, the event nonetheless put him in the middle of classified talks about covert operations with the head of another government."

And to drive it home, loyal surrogate and Democratic turncoat Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) of Connecticut said, "I think it was a sign of confidence of President Uribe and the defense minister in Sen. McCain, and maybe in the two of us, that they were prepared to share this information last night which was highly classified."

McCain said there was "no way possible" that the two events were related, but this coincidence is clearly his to enjoy.


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