Strangely silent in the Democratic nominating process are the Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig of Democratic politics: Ted Kennedy and Al GoreAl GoreCNN to host town hall featuring Nancy Pelosi Tucker Carlson: Calling others 'racist' used to be a 'big deal' West Coast states eye early presidential primaries   MORE.

They are both standing on deck, wielding the big bat. Will they step up to the plate and swing for the fences on behalf of a candidate?

The most interesting and powerful move would be for Kennedy to endorse Obama and then barnstorm with him in California, especially with Hispanic voters, with whom the Kennedys have lifetime relationships of enormous trust and affection.

I have no prediction. When public reports surfaced of the conversation between Kennedy and Bill Clinton, the word was there was no endorsement coming "at this time."

Kennedy and Gore could endorse no candidate, which is a very real possiblity, or they could endorse any of the three leading Democrats.

Without any "inside information," my guess would be that if Kennedy or Gore endorses anyone, it would most likely be Obama, but in this business, nothing is certain.

My point here is that there are huge events that would transform the campaign in a minute, which could easily happen at any time.

When you hear the talking heads predicting what happened yesterday, or talking about campaign tactics and predictions, remember this:

The Babe and Lou Gehrig are standing in the on-deck circle, and whether they swing the big bat before Super Tuesday could well determine the outcome. Stay tuned.