Rep. Ron Paul's (R-Texas) supporters really wanted to make sure their guy came out looking good in our latest Quick Poll! They were surely much more interested in pumping him up than in testing the water. Our question was, "What position will Ron Paul finish in in the New Hampshire primary?" Nearly half of respondents (47%) said Paul would win the primary in the Granite State. Maybe I'm just no good at psephology, but that seems unlikely to me. Here are the results, listing Paul's expected finishing position in the primary and the percentage of respondents who checked that box.

* 1st — 47% of all votes
* 3rd — 17% of all votes
* 2nd — 12% of all votes
* 8th — 7% of all votes
* 5th — 6% of all votes
* 6th — 4% of all votes
* 7th — 4% of all votes
* 4th — 3% of all votes