Stephen Colbert is running for president. Ha, ha.

I might be out of touch, but I never have really thought that Stephen Colbert is funny.

And I don’t think his running for president is funny.

Not that it couldn’t be a good gag. Not that I think running for president is not worthy for humor.

I just don’t think Stephen Colbert is funny. He was pretty funny when he was on Jon Stewart’s show. But the gag has run its course.

Other people may disagree with me. My good friend Gayle Osterberg loves Stephen Colbert. On this issue, we disagree. He doesn’t make me laugh.

And why do we need another joker running for president?
We got plenty of them. On the right, we have Tom Tancredo. He isn’t funny either, but you have to admit that the idea that he is running for president is pretty darn funny.

On the left, you have Dennis Kucinich. He is actually very funny, even if he doesn’t mean to be.

Ron Paul used to be seen as a joke, up until the point that he raised more money than John McCain. Now he might finish as high as third in New Hampshire. So, while it might be funny that he is doing so well in this campaign, he is certainly not a joke.

If you add in all the other crackpots out there who are running for president, I am just not that sure that Stephen Colbert adds anything more to the race.