Hillary, you owe us an apology. By "us" I mean those who covered the presidency of Clinton the First.

You know full well that reporters adhered to a policy, stated and unstated, of leaving your daughter alone. She was off-limits.

About the only times she appeared in our shots during your time at the White House is when your handlers decided it was good PR to provide a photo-op of our happy first family. Otherwise our rule was "leave Chelsea alone." And it was a self-imposed rule. 

You know that, Hillary. So explaining in Monday's debate that you sent her to a private school because otherwise "the press would never leave her alone" was either a memory lapse, a lie, a cheap attempt to exploit anti-media cliches, or probably just your way of wriggling out of the question, which came down to why you didn't send your kid to a public school.

Your honest answer — in case you care about that — would have been that the public schools in D.C. suck.

But so did your response. I know you're  careful quoting country songs anymore, but let me suggest one anyway: Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry."