One of the finalists for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) campaign theme song is The Temptations’ “Get Ready.” That’s the winner, in my book.

We should all “Get Ready” for a Hillary administration.

She has said that when she is president, she will cut healthcare spending by $120 billion. So we should all get ready by stockpiling all of the life-saving drugs we can get our hands on. With Hillary in charge, healthcare will get a good deal worse for the average American.

Hillary has done a masterful job in positioning herself at the center-right of her party (which is still much further left than most Americans are willing to go). But let’s not kid ourselves, Hillary’s heart is still at the far left of the political spectrum.

I said earlier this year that I thought Al Gore would get the nomination, and if he gets in, he will win the nomination, in my view. But right now, it looks like Hillary will win it and Gore will watch from the sidelines.

And if that happens, get ready.

As her speech on healthcare indicated, she has a very low regard for the free market.

She once said to a Republican congressional leader that the “government can spend money more efficiently than the private sector” when it comes to healthcare.

Right now, the race is shaping up to be a contest between Rudy and Hillary. It will be a classic contest between a liberal who believes that government is usually the answer and a fiscal conservative who thinks that government is often the problem.

Get ready.