Someone named Mike Henry is having a horrible day. I even wonder if he is still employed by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, having dared to do the unthinkable and break her perfect record for campaign discipline. Henry either leaked his memo about her skipping Iowa in the ’08 primaries or he let that memo float into the hands of a leaker. It is hard to believe he got sloppy; all Clinton employees know better.

The idea to ditch the caucuses, according to breathless and categorical statements from Howard Wolfson and other top campaign staff, was Henry’s and Henry’s alone and was soundly rejected by everyone in HillaryWorld, including Sen. Clinton herself. She denounced the idea and said she is “unalterably” committed to competing in Iowa, while spokesman Phil Singer said they are “unequivocally committed” to competing in Iowa. Sounds like they are going!

The facts remain that Clinton — the omnipotent, unstoppable Clinton — is behind in Iowa. Former Sen. John Edwards has spent years there, kinda never left after ’04, and has solidified strong support throughout the state. But Edwards has a load of problems on his back these days — the hedge fund job where he earned $500,000 for working a few days a month, his $400 haircut, and the fact that he took $55,000 for a speech at the University of California at Davis. If Clinton and her team keep at it they can surely chip away at the foothold Edwards has in Iowa. The question is, will Mike Henry still be on board?