Just who is Ron Paul? Ask anyone on the Hill and they’ll tell you he’s a quirky House back-bencher often heralded for his “libertarian” views on issues. That’s not how I see it. For years, I’ve witnessed Congressman Paul (R-Texas) trot to the well of the House, only to vote no on seemingly every issue critical to this country. I’m not kidding — he’s voted against entire defense bills and the war in Iraq. “Well, he opposes the war,” you retort. OK, but why vote against farm bills? Water-quality bills? Anti-terrorism legislation? Education bills? Bills where he is the only Republican to vote no? To hear Congressman Paul tell his story, he doesn’t think the federal government should be involved in those issues. So why, then, is Ron Paul in Congress?!? Isn’t that his job — to ensure the taxpayer’s dollars are spent wisely and on the services that are necessary to run the Commonwealth? And now this guy wants to run for president??! Give me a break! There are far more qualified individuals who deserve a slot on that stage, and Ron Paul isn’t one of ’em.