Earth To John McCain: Senator, we know you are out there — way out there — in another stratosphere, but you're actually running for president on this planet, and you need to get back here fast if you want to win.

Tomorrow night at the Fox News Channel debate in South Carolina the spotlight may be on Rudy Giuliani and his abortion troubles, and Mitt Romney may see it as a crucial moment to build on his latest momentum. But the candidate with the most to lose and the most to gain from the debate is McCain. Two weeks ago at the Reagan Library McCain looked miserable, tightly-wound and nervous as a first-time high school debater. This is his umpteenth campaign and his SECOND presidential campaign — is he not ready for this?

Yesterday on NBC's “Meet the Press” McCain panicked on Tim Russert and refused to answer his questions about McCain's new positions on tax cuts and ethanol. When asked if he now supports ethanol because of the importance of the Iowa caucuses McCain said, "I can't respond to a statement like that."

Earth to John McCain: If you can't respond to a completely predictable flip-flop question on a Sunday show, just what are you running for? Answers like that won't cut it tomorrow night in South Carolina, or anywhere.