Rudy's problem was not, as Dick Morris suggests, that he didn't have enough time during the debate — it was he had too much.

Can you imagine if he had MORE time to talk about his abortion position? More time to dig a hole the size of the Grand Canyon to bury his candidacy? Now, let's talk some more about Roe v. Wade; let's explain his support of federal funding for abortion; let's pull out more quotes about a woman's rights; let's look at who else he gave money to besides Planned Parenthood. Of course, on that last one he could just blame it all on Wife No. 2 —  Donna Hanover made me do it! Oops, maybe he might not want to pick another fight with her.

Rudy peaked the day he announced. His numbers were through the roof, Spiderman if there ever was one. Trouble is, he is now caught in a web of his own making. It is called his record. Liberal Rudy cannot become Conservative Rudy. As smart and as good a speaker as he is, you just have to watch his face as he tries to contort his words to fit the moment. Voters will be seeing more of this, not less. More time under the political microscope will not help Rudy in the conservative states. He can not remain as the 9/11 candidate, dressed as the Great Protector, especially when it comes to human life.