As originally portrayed, it never happened, which tells the tale of several things that have gone wrong with American political discourse, as well as the war in Iraq.

"Hillary Boo Birds," Karen Hanretty's Pundits Blog post from yesterday, made it appear there was a chorus of booing at the San Diego Democratic meeting. "Hillary Boo Birds 2" appeared to be a partial and deserved retraction. Needless to say, the "story" was wrapped in prepackaged talking-point spin with terms such as "lefty bloggers" and "granola," complete with the usual attack on labor unions.

Let's go to the tape. The idea was "borrowed" from the Washington Times headline, and the Washington Times headline was "borrowed" from the long and widely distributed Republican talking points.

What actually happened in San Diego?

According to the Washington Times itself, the Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonIntel Dem decries White House 'gag order' after Bannon testimony 'Total free-for-all' as Bannon clashes with Intel members Mellman: On Political Authenticity (Part 2) MORE speech was well received by the more than 2,000 Democrats attending.

It's true there was an insignificant, tiny and barely measurable number of people who jeered the speech.

It's also true many Democrats are not the happiest with Hillary Clinton's long-term views on the Iraq war.

But this is not the image conveyed. The image conveyed, falsely and inaccurately, was that there was major jeering and booing by some sizable number of people, which there was not.

What is more revealing, more troubling and far more symptomatic of what has gone wrong with the Iraq war policy is the demeaning, derisive and insulting disrespect shown to those who disagree with the policy, and have been proven far more correct than those who have done a generation of damage to our military through this disastrous war.

Lefty bloggers?

Granola-chomping lefties?

This kind of degradation of American political discourse, this use of insulting and false terms of derision to disparage those who disagree, embodies everything that has driven our troops to disaster in Iraq, driven the Republican Party to lose control of Congress and driven our partisan president to heights of unpopularity at home and throughout the free world.

A poll recently found that 62 percent of Americans believe the president does not tell the truth — yet this partisan-spin, talking-point gibberish continues.

Let's look at some of the "lefty bloggers" and granola-chomping lefties who opposed the Iraq surge.

The entire Joint Chiefs of Staff opposed it.

The commanders in Iraq strongly opposed it, when the president decided to do it.

American allied leaders including Tony Blair opposed it.

The former Republican secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff opposed it, along with the former Republican national security adviser under George H.W. Bush.

Bogus insults of progressives whose record on Iraq has been 10 times more prescient than the president's, and 20 times more prescient than those who regurgitate talking-point spin attacks, do nothing to help and much to harm our troops.

We need more integrity, honesty and respect in our political discourse.

All across America and throughout the free world the real boo birds want a wiser and smarter and more honest policy, and a truer and more respectful discussion of an issue so grave.