Reports of jeering aimed at Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) by anti-Iraq war California Democratic Party convention-goers may have been — oh, let's say, overemphasized.

Bill Bradley (not the former presidential candidate), who writes a political blog for Pajamas Media, e-mailed me this morning his firsthand account of Hillary's speech, writing that there were only "a few scattered, very occasional catcalls," which he described as "barely noticeable."

Bradley concludes, "It would be totally impossible to put together a DiFi type ad based on that." Fair enough. Although, with a little digital remastering ...

The point I wanted to make in the original post wasn't to cast Sen. Clinton in a poor light but rather to emphasize that booing from the base isn't the end of the world for a candidate, whether "R" or "D."

I fully expect one or two Republican presidential candidates to endure their fair share of jeering along the campaign trail, as none of them (so far) fully lives up to the GOP mantra of less government, more freedom (read: "liberty" for all you West Coast Greenhut fans out there), lower taxes and opposition to abortion.