The latest Gallup poll, taken April 2-5, shows Rudy Giuliani with a commanding lead in the Republican primary and McCain continuing his downward slide into oblivion. It also sets to rest any thought that Romney's fundraising success generated momentum except within the Beltway.

The latest poll has Rudy at 38 percent, McCain at 16, Gingrich at 10, Thompson at 10, and Romney at 6.

Here are the last four Gallup poll readings — the four surveys after Rudy announced he was running and spurted ahead of McCain:

Rudy's vote share:
Feb 9-11: 40%
March 2-4: 44%
March 23-25: 31% (the first poll to include Thompson)
April 2-5: 38%

After a bit of a fall in the late March poll, which may have been a statistical aberration, Rudy goes back to hovering in the 40 percent range in the latest survey.

Meanwhile, McCain continues to fade:

McCain's vote share:
Feb 9-11: 24%
March 2-4: 20%
March 23-25: 22% (the first poll to include Thompson)
April 2-5: 16%

At the moment, Rudy's vote exceeds the votes of McCain, Gingrich, and Thompson combined.