Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainRomney forced into GOP primary for Utah Senate nomination Trump considering pardon for boxing legend after call from Sylvester Stallone GOP poised to advance rules change to speed up Trump nominees MORE (R-Ariz.) is very expressive. When he does not quite believe what he says, he speaks in a low, droning monotone — as he did at a weekend press conference in which he criticized the American media for its coverage of Iraq and proceeded to tell tales about how he walked comfortably among Iraqis.

Obviously McCain walked among Iraqis for a few moments, surrounded by a hundred American troops on his side, protected by American military helicopters above him.
And this proves what, exactly?

The whole episode was weird, strange and delusional. It illustrates what has gone so wrong with George Bush, with his Iraq policy and with John McCain.

Fact: Iraqi casualties have risen in March when compared to February. American casualties have continued at unacceptable levels and American troops are being sent with inadequate rest, inadequate preparation, and increasing distortions of American force structures and deterrence. The damage to the equipment needs of our military goes from extreme and long-term to more extreme and long-term, at home and where deployed.

The problem with the current surge is the same as with previous surges. Insurgent and terrorist violence is fungible. It goes down where our troops go in, and goes up where our troops are not. Our troops ultimately leave, and violence returns once they are gone.

Meanwhile, the pro-Iranian Shi'ites, and the Shi'ite death squads allied with Prime Minister Maliki, lay low and hope American troops kill their Sunni enemies.
Nothing will change until the policy changes.

McCain's mirage changed nothing, except for his crediblity, which falls further when he claims his little visit was proof of anything.