Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

The Media-Created Big Lie

(Mr. Davis is a longtime friend and supporter of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., and a fundraiser for her presidential campaign.)

It's bad enough that the charge of playing the race card against Sen. Hillary and former President Bill Clinton is utterly and demonstrably false.

But so many African-Americans have come to believe this bogus charge that Sen. Clinton's favorable opinions in the black community have dropped significantly and many are telling reporters they won't support Sen. Clinton in the general election if she wins the nomination.

The false perception that Sen. and President Clinton interjected race into the campaign for political purposes is a direct result of distorted reporting by most of the media covering the race. Let's look at the facts behind the four incidents that, in a space of one to two months, led to converting the Big Lie into a perceived truth by so many Democrats, black and white alike:

O’Reilly-Clinton Interview Shows Dem Flaw

By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Bill O’Reilly asked Hillary Clinton the key question about the war in Iraq: What happens if we pull out and the Iranians move in? She talked around the issue, but never gave a convincing answer to O’Reilly’s question. She said she would replace force with diplomacy. But, as Frederick the Great said, “diplomacy without force is like music without instruments.” If our troops are long gone from Iraq, the Iranians will snub our diplomacy and laugh at our entireties. They will add Iraq to their other trophies in the region: Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

The Politics of Poetry

Poets rejoice! There is a politician who reigns in the politics of poetry. As every sentient observer has seen, candidate Hillary Clinton has criticized her chief political opponent, Barack Obama, for being more poetry than prose. John McCain has said the same, and can be expected to make it a theme in the likely three presidential debates. By that distinction, they intimate that prose is substantial (it is synonymous, in the political context, with solutions). Poetry, in contrast, is arguably rhetorical; it sounds good but is insubstantial. So far, that argument has failed to match the public’s reactions.

The distinction has been made — by Wordsworth, I believe — that while prose is the perfect word in the perfect place (sound like Sen. Clinton?), poetry is the most perfect word in the most perfect place. The idea behind this apt distinction certainly characterizes the three candidates’ styles of argument. Many perceptive observers have noted that, all the huffing and puffing aside, there are minor, nuanced distinctions between the two Democratic candidates’ substantive platforms. That being so, the success of the nominating process has been to winnow down, among several appealing candidates’ claims, the one who generates the enthusiasm of the voters to carry out those messages.

Hillary Joins the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Even a creative Hollywood producer couldn't have conjured up a film in which Bill and Hillary Clinton would pursue the tactics of personal destruction against a Democrat in full-throated alliance with the vast right-wing conspiracy!

Wonder why Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe sings the praises of Fox News with the hilarious compliment that they are the most fair of the cable networks? Wonder why Hillary goes on Bill O'Reilly’s show confident O'Reilly will further the demonization attack against Barack Obama? Three guesses why Hillary's great new friend and ally is none other than right-wing mogul Richard Mellon Scaife, a founding leader of the vast right-wing conspiracy against the Clintons?

The Crossfit Candidate

The hottest fitness craze (some say cult) is something called Crossfit that's been featured in numerous publications in the last few months, such as The New York Times and health magazines.

Crossfit bills itself as the toughest workout you'll ever do. Their slogans range from "Smoked Like Cheap Crack" to "Our Workout Can Beat Up Your Workout.” Or "Your Workout Is Our Warmup" and "Rest Later."

As a beginning Crossfitter, I can tell you this thing is brash, unapologetic and extremely challenging. A typical workout might be 100 pull-ups followed by 100 pushups and 100 squats. With a set of 100 situps to finish it off. Sometimes it will be 30 squat cleans (a power-lifting move), 30 pull-ups and an 800-meter run. Followed by a repeat of the whole thing. And then again for a third round. For time.

Has Obama Lost Interest In Winning?

In what will be remembered as one of the worst weeks of his campaign, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) received an incredible gift yesterday from the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee appointed under President Clinton. Joe Andrew, a native of Indiana, wrote a letter to his fellow Democrats urging them to rally around his new choice for president — Obama. Andrew had endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) a year ago when she announced her run. Andrew cited what he considered to be Obama's strong and deft response to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright disaster as one of the reasons for his switch.

Toxic Gas

Sometimes we fail to ask the most obviously vital question. For instance: What does the Rev. Jeremiah Wright think about that proposal to temporarily suspend the 18.4-cent gasoline tax?

We know that Barack Obama has refused to join the McCain-Clinton ticket in its cheap-shot plan to exploit the gasoline profiteering. We also know that whatever Obama says and does right now is drowned out by the ranting of his former pastor, who is enjoying his 15 minutes of insane fame.

Actually, it's hard to decide which is nuttier, the summertime reduction in the gas tax or the AIDS-as-a-government-plot paranoia of the Rev. Wright.

Forget Wright — The Super Surge to Obama Has Begun

While the pundits, never missing an opportunity to be wrong, are enraptured by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the party has already begun a powerful and profound movement of superdelegates to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

Today, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Joe Andrews, who served during the Clinton presidency, is switching from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to Obama. Several major Clinton fundraisers have made the switch and more than a thousand Clinton donors have now donated to Obama.

Andrews has major influence in Indiana.

In an excellent front-page story last Friday in The Hill, it was noted that a large number of leading Edwards supporters, now totaling more than four dozen, plus at least nine members of Congress who supported Edwards, have moved to Barack.

The Wright and the Wrong

Barack Obama has had his long-awaited day of reckoning, finally and unequivocally ridding himself of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright once and for all. He said what he had to, yet the question of why he allowed a connection with Wright to linger for nearly two months is a mystery that will endure. Why, when he knew not only of Wright's notorious rants, but of his narcissism, did he trust that a continued relationship was safe in the treacherous waters of presidential politics?

The question Americans will continue to ask about the Wright episode centers on Obama's judgment, a circumstance that threatens to undercut one of his greatest selling points. Judgment is a cornerstone of the Obama candidacy. Obama's Chicago friends have surely informed him over the years of Wright's radical views, should it ever be true that Obama hadn't heard them in church.

Disowning Your Grandmother

The problem with being a politician is that you have to sometimes be, well, political. The best thing about being above the fray is that you are above the fray. The problem with being a politician who wants to be above the fray ... Just read the above two sentences again.

Less than two months ago Barack Obama gave an eloquent defense of his pastor of more than 20 years. He told the nation he wants to lead that there was more to the man than the caricature that had been drawn of him. Many took that to show that Obama had political courage. The professional campaigners looked on it as a tactical error.