Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

Stephen Colbert Isn’t Funny

Stephen Colbert is running for president. Ha, ha.

I might be out of touch, but I never have really thought that Stephen Colbert is funny.

And I don’t think his running for president is funny.

You Are Now Entering ...

This is truly the Twilight Zone. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) is nearing an endorsement of Rudy Giuliani?

In our Thursday paper senior writer Alexander Bolton reported that Brownback said he hadn't made an endorsement but was "much more comfortable now that I understand the mayor's position" on abortion. This understanding came to pass during an hour-long meeting between Giuliani and the senator in Brownback's office.

How Will Ron Paul Do In New Hampshire?

Read The Hill newspaper in print or online tomorrow for a story about the new tactic GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul is using to boost his standing in the New Hampshire primary. He's seeking votes from an unusual source. What we'd like to know is where you think he will place in that primary. Scroll down to the Quick Poll question and vote.

The Huck Bandwagon Claims Another Hop-On

I plead guilty to joining the Heart Huckabee movement. Today in my column I became one of the multitudes of media saps cheering on the former Arkansas governor. And on the same day as Gail Collins in The New York Times! How original.

Colbert for President — No Joke?

Running for president is no joke.

John McCain knows that. So does John Edwards. As do Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Bill Richardson — and all the rest. And Stephen Colbert may soon discover that, too.

McCain vs. Clinton

In August 1969, the historic Woodstock festival was held in upstate New York. It represented the apex of the counterculture movement of the 1960s and has come to occupy a privileged place in the folklore of the American left. Wikipedia describes it this way: “Especially memorable were the sense of social harmony, the quality of music, and the overwhelming mass of people, many sporting bohemian dress, behavior and attitudes.” It has spawned a successful movie and fawning references by three generations of politicians who desperately want to be seen as relevant and trendy by the elites from Manhattan to Hollywood.

One of those politicians aspires to be president of the United States. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, recently sponsored legislation that would have appropriated $1 million in federal taxpayer funds to construct a MUSEUM to Woodstock and all that it symbolizes. Leave aside her folly of constantly criticizing President Bush for deficit spending and then voting to appropriate money for this. What does this tell us about her mindset, things in her life that she finds important?  Was Woodstock really the antiseptic children’s celebration that it is now made out to be?

Beware of Insiders Pretending to be Outsiders

You have got to love Washington. It is one of the only places where people who have lived here, worked here, partied here, made themselves rich here, suddenly pull the “outsider” trick.

Joe Trippi is the ultimate Washington insider. But now, presto change-o, he is the outsider. He has gotten his hands on the John Edwards operation and is in the process of destroying it with an overly harsh, shrill, negative “anti-campaign.”

Some Nerve!

Just weeks ago I wrote off Barack Obama in a column, saying I think he isn't audacious enough to beat back Hillary Clinton. I still think he loses to her, but I was wrong: This guy has some audacity!

In their mailboxes this week Iowans found a CYA (that's Cover Your, um, Rear) letter from Clinton about her vote on the Kyl-Lieberman amendment earlier this month, in which she supported the declaration of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. Her hawkish move, which Mike Gravel declared in his final debate appearance made him ashamed of her (she cackled wildly in response), has remained a controversy ever since and a great gift to Obama and John Edwards.

A Weighty Idea

It is so easy to be negative. So easy to make fun of Hillary Clinton’s proposal to get the government involved in fighting obesity with “...incentives and penalties.” Instead of taking that easy path, we really need to open our minds a little and consider the possibilities, dare I say a veritable FEAST of possibilities.

For example, maybe we could nationalize the Jenny Craig plan and have Hillary take it over. I can see the TV ads now: “Hi, I’m Bill Clinton. I lost 37 pounds on the Hillary Diet.” The Bureau of Statistics could publish an official Glycemic Index. By the way, does anyone have any idea what a Glycemic Index is? In any case the monthly release would quickly become known as the “G. I. Report.”

The White Choice

It is probably safe to say that the evangelicals who are in Washington this weekend for their values gathering won't be engaging in the usual out-of-town conventioneer barhopping and carousing.

First all all, what happens here definitely does not stay here. And what'll be happening with the white protestants is aimed at the millions who live elsewhere, since it is safe to say most of them do live elsewhere in that place we all know as “The Heartland.”