Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

Beltway Pundits Proven Wrong

If there's one thing we've learned from this year's primaries, it's this: Don't trust Washington's talking heads.

These are the people who told us, for example, that we would never nominate another senator for president; that the Clintons had the black vote locked up; and that Rudy Giuliani was the inevitable Republican nominee. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

And now, for weeks, the same pundits have been demanding that Hillary Clinton drop out of the race because she's only hurting the party. But the latest Washington Post/ABC poll shows how wrong they are again.

Sixty-four percent of Democrats say Hillary should stay in the race. And 85 percent of Democrats say they're confident the party will unite behind Obama in the fall.

It's Time to Talk About White Working-Class Democrats — Without Fear of False Accusations of ‘Playing the Race Card’

(Mr. Davis is a longtime supporter and fundraiser for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's, D-N.Y., presidential campaign. These comments are his own and do not represent Sen. Clinton's campaign.)

There they go again.

Another completely false charge of Hillary Clinton "playing the race card."

Sen. Clinton recently quoted from an Associated Press article that described the indisputable fact that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has shown political weakness among white working-class voters. And the media stampede began: The pundits and Obama surrogates pounced and accused her of interjecting race into the campaign.

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The Spousal Shell Game

For good reasons of public policy, political candidates must forgo general protections of privacy that all Americans rightfully demand in ordinary circumstances. Citizens are correct to insist that their tax returns and medical records remain private. These records are no one’s business but theirs, and we share a common purpose in protecting their confidentiality — ours and our neighbors’.

Not so for public officials, especially presidential candidates, whose health and financial conditions are the public’s business. These records, then — of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain — are relevant areas of public inquiry. The candidates have acceded to making these records available, even if reluctantly and not completely in all respects.

The Media’s Dream Ticket Would Be Obama’s Nightmare

The media continue to push the storyline that Barack Obama should pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate. It ain’t going to happen, though, because Obama knows that Clinton would be a drag on his ticket.

Obama would be better off picking a governor, like a Ted Strickland or an Ed Rendell.

Obama’s biggest weakness in the so-called Rust Belt states has been with white men. These voters have flocked to Hillary Clinton in recent primaries, especially in Pennsylvania. But is that because white men have suddenly fallen in love with Hillary Clinton? My guess is that this vote is not such much for Hillary Clinton as it is against Barack Obama.

Talking Over Glossing Over

The question of the week: "What makes Hillary run — STILL?" In other words, what earthly reason does she have to run a campaign she flat-out cannot win and fritter away money her campaign doesn't have?

There is a simple, two-word answer. No, no, no — not THOSE two words. I'm talking about "saving face.”

You can bet that it's the guiding principle as Clinton and Obama representatives, behind-the-scenes, play "Let's Make a Deal.” They are negotiating the conditions of a truce that will allow Hillary to surrender with dignity intact to her new best buddy Barack.

The Preacher and the Candidate

Imagine this scenario: A preacher endorses a candidate for president. Then we learn the preacher has, from the pulpit, made inflammatory and un-American statements. Yet the mainstream media totally ignores the preacher's remarks and never pressures the candidate to repudiate them.

Impossible scenario? That depends on whether the candidate’s name is Barack Obama or John McCain — and whether the preacher’s name is Jeremiah Wright or John Hagee. The media’s remained silent about Hagee, even though his public statements are just as outrageous as anything heard from Jeremiah Wright.

To Hill and Back

While Hillary Clinton is still going through the motions, there are clear signs that it has started to sink in that divine destiny has not ordained her our next president.

If she was preparing anything but an exit strategy, her campaign advisers would have already had her out there in the hollows, telling the people of West Virginia she had just discovered she was a coal miner’s daughter and that she really did love Tammy Wynette's music.

But, other than her comment in USA Today that she has more appeal to white voters than does Barack Obama, she's kept the pandering to a minimum. Her heart's obviously not in this anymore. Which raises the question: What's next?

Hillary’s Baggage … Limbaugh???

It is amazing how Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has gone through the Democratic presidential primary with little mention of her controversial past: Whitewater, Vince Foster, Travelgate, cattle futures — the list could go well into next week.

My bringing up these past scandals is in no way meant to smear her name — because, heck, she already did that herself. The point is to remind folks out there that when considering a person for the highest office in the world, one must look at his or her entire background, biography and belief system.

Clinton’s supporters have seemed to zero in on her recent work and forgotten just how much baggage this lady carries. But if she were to find a way to steal this nomination from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), you can bet that the Republicans will be standing by to unleash her past like a tidal wave.