Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

Under the Shady Money Tree

I get it. The word bundling is really a typographical error. The campaign fundraisers really mean to say they are "BUNGLING" as they raise their questionable contributions. At least, that's what they'd have us believe: That they merely messed up when they accepted money from tainted sources.

Of course, there's an alternate view. The skeptic might conclude that the candidates are so obsessed with scrounging every bit of cash they can that their campaign motto is "Money at all cost." 

Anyone Listening?

It has gone by quickly, but it's now been almost a year since Democrats regained power in the 2006 midterm elections. I thought it couldn't be worse for Republicans back then, but recently I find myself asking: Who will save the Republican Party from itself?

Give Credit to Gingrich

The big day approaches — we are just weeks away from hearing whether or not Newt Gingrich announces for president. I doubt he will do it; Gingrich said if the field still lacks the big ideas and bold new direction the party needs he would consider stepping in to fill the void if he can attract the big money. The money part is a big IF, but you can bet the void that exists today will exist weeks from now and beyond. 

Oh, Mitt

I just love Mitt Romney.

As Ronald Reagan said so brilliantly, “There he goes again ...”  Mitt Romney cannot stick to one idea, one position, one thought for more than a week. Whether it is abortion, gay rights, immigration, gun control, whatever, this guy is a whirling weather vane. 

Lethargy By Another Name

We all have a problem and we shouldn't be ashamed to talk about it. Yes, America, we have Electile Dysfunction. Don't be embarrassed, it's obvious. I'll spare you the smutty analogies except to say this is classic E.D. Nobody is passionate about any of the candidates.

We've gotten to the point that we don't vote FOR someone, only against. What is the key argument that all Democratic hopefuls make? That they are not George W. Bush. Republicans? Usually, they run against Hillary Clinton, who makes it easy with campaign slogans like "If the Hsu fits, wear it."

The Fry-By

My father used to tell me a  joke about Harry Truman.

It seems President Truman was making a speech in a pasture  on an Indian reservation. As he made his first political promise, the audience loudly responded, "OOMPAH OOMPAH!!"

Revved up by the enthusiastic Native American chanting, the president made still another promise. "OOMPAH," yelled the crowd, "OOMPAH!"

On it went till the end of the speech. And then it was time to leave. Truman started to walk off the platform.

"Watch out, Mr. President," said the tribal chief. "Don't walk in any oompah." 

The Freedom Tsunami on Election Day 2008

Here is a preview of my post for Nov. 4, 2008, after the polls close:

The voting is over, the people have spoken, and a new era of reform and renewal for America begins tonight.

What was most moving, when the results were clear and the Democratic president-elect had claimed victory, was the way young people gathered spontaneously in capitals across the free world and waved little American flags because one dark era is ending and our country will soon resume its role as a beacon of light.

Will Rudy's 9/11 Bounce Exceed Thompson's Announcement Bounce?

Fred Thompson, having long delayed his announcement to run for the GOP presidential nomination, may have mistimed it after all. He chose to announce just a few days before Sept. 11. With Rudy Giuliani front and center on 9/11 (it is, after all, HIS day), the former mayor may catch up with the undisputed bounce that Thompson has gotten as a result of his announcement.

Fred gained rapidly in most polls with his announcement, passing Rudy in the Rasmussen polling for the first time since July. But will 9/11 even up the score? I think it probably will.

Pullout Now

Now that Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker have completed their testimony, this is how the Democratic presidential candidates are going to react over the next several days:

Obama: “I am calling for the complete withdrawal of all of our troops immediately, and I want them out by the end of next year. I also condemn in no uncertain terms the MoveOn ad, but let’s face it, the general did betray us.”

Clinton: “I think Senator Obama is being naïve. But I demand that we pull out all of our troops, too. And while I think is also naïve, I love them like little brothers and sisters.” 

And the Grown-Up Award Goes To ...

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) bought himself the small but real potential for a resurrection at the Fox News debate in New Hampshire last week. I invite the pummeling I will receive from suggesting this, but I believe his unrivaled military experience in that field, combined with his commanding performance, gave him the Grown-Up award on that stage on that night. And let's not forget he had the best Fred Thompson joke to boot.