Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

Two Questions for Sen. Obama

I read Sen. Barack Obama's (D-Ill.) recent speech on race and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in Philadelphia several times and very carefully. It was a great, even brilliant, speech. I appreciate Sen. Obama's willingness to tackle a difficult subject and to explain his complex reactions to some of the Rev. Wright's sermons.

I personally regarded many of the Rev. Wright's sermons as filled with hate words and bigoted generalizations based on race (in this case, all whites). One could even call them racist. His remarks post-Sept. 11 were nothing short of reckless and unforgivable.

I am convinced that there isn't a shred in Sen. Obama's being that shares these hateful or bigoted feelings. And I respect his strong words denouncing the views of a man for whom he has deep and genuine feelings of affection and loyalty, which I also respect.

Obama Must Display Patriotism

Associate Editor A.B. Stoddard comments on Obama's race speech and answers your questions about Hillary's negative campaigning.


Black, White, Religion and Politics

Barack Obama’s speech about race today reminds me a little bit of Mitt Romney’s speech about religion: Good speech, bad politics.

The more Romney talked about his religion, the more votes he lost across America, especially in the South.

The more Obama talks about race, the more his campaign will lose steam.

The central argument of his campaign, as explained in his speech today, is ‘Vote for me and I will heal all the racial wounds of this country in order to create a more perfect union.’

For those who are overflowing with “white” guilt, this seems like a good bargain.

But lots of Americans aren’t overflowing with “white” guilt.

Didn't Obama See This Coming?

Barack Obama, who took on the candidate of experience, has gambled that the voters will choose leadership and judgment instead. He's gotten this far because many of them did. But as he struggles to try to stop Hillary Clinton, the story of his controversial pastor will raise questions about Obama's leadership and judgment in the critical contests to come.

To suggest that Obama wasn't aware, during his 20 years at Trinity United Church of Christ and his close relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., that the man had made anti-American, anti-white and pro-Palestinian statements would require — to borrow the words Clinton used with Gen. David Petraeus about the success of the surge — “a willing suspension of disbelief.”

Sunday's Dirty Secret

It is impossible for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and his wife to have attended the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church and not embraced his teachings and vision of America.

My minister does and has always had a profound impact on my outlook on life and strengthening my spirit to forgive the transgressions of this world and not to induce more hate and separation. I find it difficult to believe Sen. Obama when he tells us that he was unaware of his pastor's vicious message from the pulpit and that had he known, there would have been condemnation.

Hillary's Plan to Elect McCain and a Right-Wing Supreme Court

As someone in regular contact with major superdelegates in Congress, let me explain why there is a near-panic among the supers which I predict will lead to a major move to Obama fairly soon.

Setting aside motive for now, there is one mathematically provable and irrefutable impact of the campaign of personal destruction that Hillary Clinton is waging against Barack Obama. It is this: The road of her campaign leads to helping to elect John McCain and hurting every Democrat on every ballot throughout America.

Here is why.

Hillary Sends Ferraro After the Race Card

Geraldine Ferraro, a pioneer and trailblazer in American history, has done more to ruin a sterling reputation in the past few days than anybody but Eliot Spitzer. By claiming, I think falsely, that Obama would not be where he is if he were white or a woman, she totally overlooks the impact of his charisma, eloquence, demeanor, message, use of the Internet, focus on caucus states and refusal to take special-interest money as factors in his sudden rise. She betrays a stunning inability to look more than skin-deep for reasons for his success.

But this begs the real question: Ferraro is no racist. Her entire career speaks to the contrary. So why is she now so unable to peer into the deeper reasons for Obama's success and stopping at skin level?

Ferraro Was Right

It’s not often that I publicly comment that a member of the left like Geraldine Ferraro was right on a topic, but she clearly was this week with respect to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and his meteoric rise as a candidate.

Folks, we need to get real and squarely address what are some fundamental elements to this presidential race that make it unique and hence more interesting. Sen. Obama is black. And while that alone would never usher him into the Oval Office, it does make for interesting storylines among the Fourth Estate.

Don’t believe me? Then look at the converse of the argument: A white 40-something male from the (yawn) state of Illinois with two years’ experience in the U.S. Senate and virtually no legislative accomplishments talking about “change.” This guy would never have made even the first cut of candidates had that been the case! So Gerry was right, just as she was correct to point out that her campaign as Mondale’s VP pick was so special decades ago — because she was a woman.
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Real Unity? The Outlook Is Not So Good

I am beginning to wonder whether Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can possibly come together at all — not on a joint ticket — but whether the victor will be treated to support from the vanquished in any meaningful sense. At this moment it seems nearly unimaginable that either Obama or Clinton could truly make the party faithful believe that the hurt is gone and that unity is real.

Clinton has scarred Obama against John McCain and clearly no amount of campaigning in Pennsylvania is going to undo that. Actually, the injury she has inflicted on national security could indeed become fatal.

HRC Plays Race Card

Armstrong Williams says Geraldine Ferraro told the truth about Obama in the campaign and believes that Obama is winning because of race.