Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

New Law: Brush Your Teeth

John Edwards said Tuesday that he would push for a law requiring that everyone get a health checkup at least once a year. Breaking that law would be punished with a stiff fine.

Hillary Clinton has a new proposal that requires that all people brush their teeth at least once a day. If you miss a day, you are required under her proposal to give up sweets — including candy and ice cream — for a month. 

Ghosts of Campaign Finance Scandal

Media Matters has taken issue with my comments from last week on MSNBC about the story of Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu, the fugitive “Hillraiser” who has now turned himself into authorities. Media Matters objects to my stating “this is exactly the kind of thing that could bring her down.” While I did in no way assert that it would, and I am betting Clinton wins the nomination, her greatest liability remains her and her husband's past, and a campaign finance scandal that stretched from the Lincoln Bedroom to the committee rooms of Congress.

Dysfunctional Politics

Isn’t it fun watching the political parties and the states thrash around over presidential primaries? Here we have the parties, particularly the Democrats insisting on maintaining a system where the first events seem mainly designed to keep big money flowing to the white people of Iowa and New Hampshire. The main argument seems to be: “This is how we’ve been doing it; let’s not change the status quo.”

But then you have the upstarts — Florida, Michigan, all the others, who have the audacity to suggest that they, along with their large, diverse populations have the right to self-determination. That’s an argument that will never work. Just ask the residents of Washington, D.C.

Dems, GOP Poised to Bash Clinton

It’s the unofficial end of summer, the end of Campaign 2008’s very early beginning and the end of the no-fly zone over the frontrunner, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her two main rivals for the nomination, former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama, have now run out of time to play nice and have repositioned their candidacies to take aim at Clinton as yesterday’s entrenched, narrow-minded, corporation-and-lobbyist-hugging establishment pol. And if they needed any help, others including Karl Rove and Mitt Romney have decided to step in and pour it on as well.

Clinton has remained above the fray, and she can. She leads in all polls, significant and insignificant. She has the best operation, the most seasoned experts, and arguably the most experience. Above all she is the most disciplined candidate anywhere. And she has Bill Clinton, the strategist every politician, including Republicans, wish they had on board.

Branch Out

It’s good to see Fred Thompson is being true to form. He’s waiting till the day AFTER the next Republican debate. Only then will he make it official, finally, that he’s running for president. For real.

That way, he can avoid any unscripted questions from reporters and those pesky other candidates.

Instead, he will be appearing on Jay Leno’s show where he can play his favorite sport, “puffball.”

Speaking of scripted, the biggest question is, What does NBC do with all those “Law and Order” episodes with DA Arthur Branch?

Darn the Luck: Edwards Doesn’t Get Castro Endorsement

Poor John Edwards can’t catch a break in his bid for the Democratic Party nomination. The only way he’s able to raise money is by riding Ann Coulter’s coattails, he’s had to give up the $400 haircuts (and it shows), and now it’s being reported that Fidel Castro has written an essay saying Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would “make a winning combination.”

Just how far left does poor old John have to go to get the Communist leader’s attention?

Here’s the lede from Reuters: “Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is tipping Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to team up and win the U.S. presidential election.

Two Freds

First, to make something right: On Friday I wrote that John Warner had served three terms in the Senate. He’s in his fifth term. Come to think of it, that means I was technically accurate. I'm glad I could clear that up.

Second, I am glad that I did my riff on the Alberto Gonzales resignation yesterday. That was because he was considerate enough to make his announcement before my deadline. I had time to yell “Get me Rewrite!!!” Except, of course, we have a tight budget here so I am “rewrite.” But it was a good thing because by today there is absolutely nothing left unsaid about the guy. Nothing.

Great nation needs big dreams

“Great people talk about great ideas; average people talk about average ideas; small people talk about other people.” I don’t know where the quote comes from, but the person must have had politics in mind when he/she said it.

Every presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican, should always be armed with at least two or three ideas to convey their great ideas for making America better tomorrow than it is today when speaking to a crowd, the media or a stranger on the street. Voters have already expressed their displeasure with the direction of the country — we know from poll after poll they are displeased and see plenty in their government that isn’t going right.

Standing the Heat

Back in May, Rudy Giuliani was the front-runner and feeling fine. His cruel summer started off in June with the Bloomberg boomlet, the indictment of his South Carolina state chairman on cocaine-distribution charges, Jim Nussle's departure as his Iowa state chairman to become budget director for President Bush and Bernard Kerik's interview, in which he said the distance Giuliani has created between them was killing him.

Sean Hannity Out on the Campaign Trail

I have a confession. I don’t like Fox News. Is that a shock? I won’t go on it — why be the Democratic fire hydrant for the right-wing shock jocks? I used to, but several years ago I stopped going on "Hannity & Colmes," O’Reilly, Gibson, etc. We Report, You Decide became We Distort, You Decide. Fair and Balanced was really Unfair and Unbalanced.