Presidential Campaign

Presidential Campaign

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Is this a great idea or what? How about John McCain as a third-party candidate?

I mean, here he is, obviously doing everything he can to cater to Christian conservatives so they can resurrect his campaign (and yes, the pun was intentional).

His declaration that the United States is a Christian nation has been construed as the latest pandering to the fundamentalist right that did him in last time.

And now there are rumbles from some of those religious activists that they might abandon the Republicans and establish a third party if Rudy Giuliani or someone else unsuitable becomes the GOP candidate.

Just How Small is the Republicans' Tent?

If my memory serves me right, back in 1980, just weeks before the November presidential election, Ronald Reagan went on a campaign swing to Harlem. Right, Harlem. New York City. To campaign among black voters.

He wasn’t going to win New York. He wasn’t going to win many black votes. So what was he thinking? Clearly, he was thinking several things. First, it was the right thing to do — to show interest in, and compassion for, African-Americans. Second, he knew that suburban white voters were concerned about whether he was intolerant, too far right, incapable of bringing people together. Third, he wanted to expand the Republican tent, to bring more people into the party, to win over independents and disaffected Democrats.

Ronald Reagan’s decision to go to New York was brilliant.

GOP Front-Runners Blew It With Morgan State Debate

Former President Ronald Reagan famously created his 11th Commandment dictating that one should not speak ill of fellow Republicans. It is within that spirit that I offer the following, although I confess this has not been easy for me to do.

As has been well-reported to date, the four leading candidates for president in the Republican Party were all “too busy” or had “scheduling conflicts” that prohibited them from participating in the debate at Morgan State University (a Historically Black College/University) in Baltimore. The candidates have long been criticized for not attending a debate focused on issues that matter to African-Americans and people of color.

Only Safe Havens

Let's see: Most Republican presidential candidates avoid appearances before people of color. Democrats balk at Fox News. That's about the only place Fred Thompson will allow himself to be interviewed.

Meanwhile, major media executives willingly portray their outlets as voices of conservatives or liberals, or at least allow themselves to be portrayed as such. They may not admit that, but that's exactly what they do.

Well, Gingirch Didn't Last Long

After only a day on the site, the latest Quick Poll! has had to be taken down. Yesterday I asked whether Newt Gingrich would run in the presidential race. Today (Saturday) Gingrich's spokesman told the Associated Press that the former Speaker would not be a candidate. He made the decision after discovering that forming an exploratory committee would compromise the tax-exempt status of his political organization, American Solutions. Those who voted in the poll got it right, but only just, voting 54% to 46% that Gingrich would not hit the White House trail.


Bill Kristol — Really?

Bill Kristol is out today with a notable rose-colored prediction. As loyal readers may remember, I am a fan of Kristol, yet his rose-colored prediction for Iraq did not bear fruit. And when he wrote in The Washington Post back in July that the Bush presidency "will probably be a successful one," I began to wonder just what he is thinking.

Big Gain for Hillary in Poll

The latest Fox News poll shows a big gain for Hillary in a trial match-up with Rudy Giuliani. In the current poll, taken on Sept. 26, Hillary leads by eight points, 46-39. This compares with a previous lead of only five points in July and a deficit of three points in June:

Republican Front-Runners Skipping the Morgan State Debate

Is it any wonder that Republicans are struggling to find someone worthy of nomination? Not only are there a lack of paragons of Republican values present in the current offering, but the present candidates seem to show complete disregard for minority voters. Is it actually possible for five different people to "discover" scheduling conflicts for something that’s been on the docket for months? I would love to get my hands on some probability statistics for that occurrence. It is absurd that five of the front-runners — Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Thompson and Tancredo — all opted out of the minority forum to be held at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Hsu: A Lesson Hillary Should Have Already Learned

The more we read about Norman Hsu and the million dollars of funny money he gave to Hillary, the more a key question keeps coming up.

Hillary says she’s learned her lesson and ordered her staff to redouble their vigilance in checking out the integrity of all her donors. OK. But exactly the same scandal happened in 1996. But instead of Norman Hsu, it was Johnnie Chung and Charlie Trie who were donating funny money to her campaign.

Why didn’t she learn her lesson then? Chung was actually getting his money from the Chinese government. Hillary knew darn well she had to check Hsu out, but she was so desperate for his money that she cut corners. It doesn’t show that she’s learned anything from the shenanigans of the 1990s.