Forgiveness is about letting go and moving on. It's the law of release. Whose offense you fail to forgive, you carry the burden of for the rest of your life.

Obviously, from her recent outreach to Ms. Anita Hill, Ginni Thomas has thought often about the offense between Hill and her husband. With an unwavering loyalty to both her husband and the Christian faith, she followed the admonishment of her creator to engage in a dialogue of reconciliation toward releasing everyone from this burden.

Just remember, not all prisons are made of concrete and steel. There are the prisons of the mind such as bitterness and unforgiveness. Thomas tried to sincerely elevate the issue to a place of healing and not who is right or who is wrong. However, Ginni Thomas miscalculated Ms. Hill's reaction to her olive branch. It is clear by Ms. Hill's response that right or wrong is more important than healing and reconciliation.

Was Ginni Thomas correct in following the mandates of her faith, regardless of the risk of rejection? Remember, individuals such as Mrs. Thomas don't risk national and global ridicule unless motivated by strong conviction. She considered the risk and potential fallout, yet did the righteous thing. Would you?

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