You betcha I am talking privately to very senior Democrats about reaching out to the great religions for an enlightened renewal of values. But let me correct Armstrong Williams. America was founded on the idea of religious tolerance and diversity, and Jesus taught again and again about the obligation of Christians to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, treat the ill and help the hurting.

Jesus taught we should sell our possessions and give the proceeds to the poor, not that Wall Street bonuses should be huge while we pass tax cuts for the rich while we neglect hunger and homelessness in the land.

Armstrong says we should take a cue from the Tea Parties. I will do so only when the Tea Party shows some commitment to feed the hungry, help the poor and end the greed and rapacious behavior that is the true adversary of Christianity as taught by Jesus.

I found it odd and sad, but not surprising, that Armstrong and so many others on the right wave the banner of Christianity with barely a mention of helping those who are the poorest, and show outright hostility in their ideology to ending the despoiling of the planet that violates the most basic concept of stewardship.

Those who foul our markets and rip off our people have nothing in common with Christianity. Greed is not Christian.

Those who foul and pollute the planet in the service of greed have nothing in common with Christianity. Pollution is not Christian. Polluters violate the traditional Protestant concept of stewardship while others violate the traditional Catholic concept of social justice accepted by Catholics of all persuasions, supported by popes over many generations and taught by Jesus with timeless truths teaching the truest faith.

And those who preach or practice intolerance do no service to the founding principles of our nation or truest values of Christian faith.