Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the latest flavor of the right-wing month, wants to talk about faith and values. Go ahead, make my day.

While Rick Perry savages aid to education and sells short the young people of Texas, has talked of Texas seceding from the union in his imitation of the segregationists of the 1850s, champions policies that will export more jobs to China and causes gargantuan budget deficits that would make George W. Bush proud, let’s talk some Bible.

Jesus taught we should sell our possessions and give the proceeds to the poor, not fight for tax cuts for the rich and call it the politics of values. Jesus taught we should honor and love the children, not cut programs that help poor kids and cut schools that teach all kids and call it the politics of faith.

No, the politics of the Rick Perry right are not the politics of Jesus, but the politics of Ayn Rand, a proud atheist who believed John F. Kennedy was a fascist. Do Rand's Republican disciples agree with, or disagree with, her fervent atheism?

If Perry wants to talk the politics of faith, make my day: I missed the part of the Bible that promotes subsidies for wealthy oil companies. I await Perry's biblical quotation in support of massive profits for healthcare insurers, or great wealth for those who fail their responsibilities as stewards of the planet as they profit from pollution.

I applaud Rick Perry for talking about faith. Let’s have that debate right here, right now.

Like most Democrats, I'll take Jesus every day before Ayn Rand. This is what faith and values are all about, and if Perry wants to argue the contrary, go ahead, make my day.