It is interesting to watch people conduct themselves this time of year as they try to figure out whether they should say Merry Christmas or not based on the appearance and the belief of the person they're speaking with.

Whether you wish someone a Merry Christmas or not should have nothing to do with their belief or political philosophy, it is all about the holiday spirit.

Whether a person believes in the saving power of Jesus Christ or not is insignificant when it comes to wishing good will for a fellow human being. It's just like saying good morning to someone. Do you scrutinize and examine them before saying good morning, or are you actually hopeful they're having a good morning? If in fact we believe in the meaning of the season, then their beliefs and politics become irrelevant. We are all children of the Lord and deserve blessings one and the same.

We must stop being so artificially sensitive to something that is so good and wholesome. If we cease to capitulate to the destructive tendencies of political correctness we will diminish the pervasive dampening of the American spirit, which, at this point and time, is in desperate need of revitalization.