With unbelievable hubris, the ObamaCare bureaucrats in Washington exclude the Church’s non-liturgical mission from the religious exemption of Obamacare. (Not the elected Congress, but self-righteous bureaucrats made this decision!)

These bureaucrats claim the Church serves non-Catholics in its non-liturgical mission, and therefore this is not its core religious mission. Imagine, the bureaucrats understand the Church’s mission better than the clergy! Even many liberal Catholics understand that the mission of the Catholic Church extends beyond the sanctuary.

It is well-known that use of contraceptives and abortions are a violation of Catholic Church doctrine. Forcing Catholic institutions to fund contraception and abortions for their employees under ObamaCare is clearly a violation of the Church’s doctrine and religious freedom.
Does the administration want to force the Catholic Church to abandon its missions in health, education and welfare in order to be true to its beliefs? Instead of Catholic charities relying on charitable dollars to fund these missions, perhaps the government prefers to use taxpayer dollars to fund them!

Is this issue just another way for the government to increase its power in society by taking over these services? Is it better that those in need look to the Church or the government for help? Personally, I’d rather look to the Church.