Republicans, hypocritical Dems and evolution

Many liberals and their pundits mischaracterized the approach of the Republican Party. It doesn’t encourage fundamentalism, but its political philosophy is not hostile to it. They don’t impose absolutes: you can find Republicans who are fundamentalist and atheist; traditional and libertarian; pro-life and pro-choice (Collins, Snowe, Hutchison … where, oh, where are the pro-life Dems?); straight and gay (Log Cabin Republicans).

Democrats rail against "intolerance," but on the evidence, it is the Democrats who are the party of “group-think” and intellectual rigidity.

You don’t have to believe Genesis to be a Republican, but you shouldn’t ridicule those who do … like me. The Bible isn’t a book of science, and it will frustrate those who try to make it one. I do believe that God created Adam and Eve (in this vein, I’ve never understood the phrase, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” — simple: Chicken was created, laid the egg).
It's encouraging hearing people use the term "believe in" evolution. As evolution is a theory — not a scientific LAW like gravity or entropy — to say it is a fact is to express belief since the evidence is not conclusive. That's what is meant by terming it a "theory.” So, if asked the question whether I "believe in" evolution, I would say "NO" as well.

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