The United States of America did itself proud in the 2012 Olympics, winning more medals than anyone else, including gold medals. Almost two-thirds of America's gold medals were won by women, who outnumbered men on the American team for the first time.

This is a wonderful tribute and inspiration to the power of women in our society; however, it doesn't stop there. There are now more women than men in American medical and law schools, and they are making rapid progress in business and engineering schools. Sixty percent of bachelor’s degrees this year will be presented to women in this country. All of this has significant implications regarding the future makeup of leadership in this nation.

Some may look at this with alarm, but those who are more objective and clear-thinking will recognize that bringing more intellect and power into our leadership will be beneficial for all. It will be a very good thing for men to teach their sons to be respectful of women now, so they will not have to make a painful adjustment in the future. Are men and women different? Of course they are, and they both bring a special set of talent and genius to the marketplace of ideas, and this will always be a wonderful blessing to any nation in the world.

Maybe now the Muslim nations will take notice and abandon Shariah law and enter the modern world of true civilization.